Bariatric Evaluations

Are you considering bariatric surgery? Sleeve, Duodenal Switch or  Gastric Bypass? Shattuck Wellness and Behavioral Health Services,PLLC can help you complete your required pre-surgical bariatric evaluation in a timely manner. Have your pre-approval evaluation conducted by a qualified therapist and also a successfull  Bariatric patient himself. Dr. Shattuck  has successfully undergone Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Sleeve). Dr.Shattuck understands first hand the many issues related to your desire for weight loss.

"Weight-loss is no longer an event  but rather a health enhancing process. The decision to have my Lapband removed required a lot of thought and conversation with my Bariatric Specialist. Confidence in my surgeon, the right surgery for me and the necessary clinical follow-up resources all have fallen into place to provide me with my best health ever."

Dan Shattuck, Ph.D., LPC


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