Now, you can schedule an E-Visit by logging on to Skype. It's simple. An E-Visit is a convenient and economical way to schedule a follow-up appointment (s).
Here's how it works:
1. Call our office to arrange your initial intake appointment which will be face-to-face in the office.
2. After your initial intake appointment, you may schedule a follow-up E-Visit appointment or regularly scheduled E-Visits.
3. An in-office visit is required at discharge from outpatient therapy.

Skype can be downloaded free from the Internet. Just add Dr. Shattuck's Skype name dan.shattuck2 as a contact (don't forget the dot between dan and Shattuck). When Dr. Shattuck receives your request via Skype, he will accept your request and he will be added as a contact. At your Skype appointment time, Dr. Shattuck will send you a video call. It's that easy!

Good news for Bariatric Surgery patients! You can schedule your follow-up visit as an E-Visit on Skype to save you time and driving costs.
Call Dawn or Terry in the office to schedule your E-Visit.